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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5 minutes with...Emily-Jade O'Keefe

Bonjour mes amis

This week I bring you part 1 of 7 in our series of “5 minutes with…” interviews which will feature short Q&A’s with a variety of industry professionals including a florist, photographer, designer, personal trainer, cake designer, stationer and this week’s guest, marriage celebrant Emily-Jade O’Keefe.

Some of you may know Emily-Jade from Triple M’s The Cage radio show or as Emily Everywhere which is featured on Mornings with Kerri-Anne and Brisbane’s Courier Mail blog. What some of you may not know though is that she recently became an accredited marriage celebrant, bringing a fresh take on one of the world’s oldest and most romantic institutions.

Emily-Jade was also kind enough to be the MC at the official launch of The Little White Wedding Company bringing the evening together beautifully by ensuring everything ran to schedule and of course calming my nerves!

Here’s what Emily-Jade had to say during our 5 minutes…

What inspired you to become a marriage celebrant?

I simply love weddings. It’s my hobby. I have been a bridesmaid 7 times and married to the same person 3 times. So you could say it is an addiction. Although my 3 weddings to my husband could be construed as “research’’. We did the big wedding for family in the white dress and in a church followed by a large reception, then while on holidays in Bali decided to have a Bali Blessing ceremony and on our one year anniversary renewed our vows in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator. So I can give my clients real advice on what style of wedding would suit them. I’ve had traditional, personal and fun.

What’s the difference between the service you provide and the one that would be received from an in-house priest?

I have personality and my couples have choice. That’s the big difference. Most people getting married are around my age and I know what they are looking for and am willing to provide it. A priest does the same wedding each week, and the church has certain rules they have to abide by, so you can’t change it, if you choose to marry in that church for whatever reason you have to like the ceremony because there is no changing it. With me, and most celebrants, we are willing to think outside the square and create a personal and different wedding for anyone who wants to shake things up a little. Or we can just as easily stick to tradition.

What can the Bride & Groom alter the ceremony to make it more personal?

With me the sky is the limit and I love trying new things out. From watching a slide show during the signing of the register of that particular couples life together, to filling everyone’s champagne glass to toast the couple during the ceremony, to friends writing a funny story of how the couple got together and getting them to read it like a play. It’s so nice to do something different, especially for me because I am doing it all the time.

Do you have any tips for writing vows?

I tell my couples that this is the one and only opportunity to say to your partner publicly what you normally say in private. So just say it. Get a piece of paper and write all the reasons why you love that person, all the situations where they proved their love or made you feel loved or just went over and above for you. Then fashion those words into your vows-it is easier than most people assume it is.

What has been your favourite “wedding” moment so far?

There are so many that I can’t pick one. But I do love children being involved. At one wedding a Bride got her little nephews and nieces to do the readings and they were lovely lines from story books like Winnie the Pooh. Or at another the Groom already had a daughter from a previous relationship, so she was included in the vows and had to say her own “I do’s”. Both times brought on tears and I love a good happy cry at a wedding. I am looking forward to many more favourite wedding moments!

If you would like to book Emily-Jade for your wedding or would simply like to learn more about this fabulous marriage celebrant please visit her website at http://www.emilyjade.com.au/.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Bonjour mes amis

Welcome back to the Secret Diary of a Wedding Planner! I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas break & a very happy new year. After almost a month away from The Little White Wedding Company I'm more than ready to get back into the swing of things.

So far this year is looking very promising with several enquiries for both 2010 & 2011. I can't wait to meet all of these new brides & help them plan their weddings!

This post is only short & sweet & I'm not going to address any trends or share any tips this week but instead I want to share with you some new developments for the Secret Diary of a Wedding Planner. This year blogs will be posted once a week, sharing more tips & tricks & styling ideas, making it your first port of call for wedding advice.

In the coming weeks I'll also be kicking off our series of mini "5 minutes with..." interviews which will showcase one supplier from a few different areas of the wedding industry which will hopefully answer any questions you may have about bouquets, stationery, personal fitness and more.

I'm also opening the blog up to questions so if there is anything you'd like a little advice with just leave a comment & I'll address it the following week.

I look forward to sharing more of The Little White Wedding Company's experiences with you in 2010.

Victoria x