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Friday, July 03, 2009

Wedding in a Week

Hello Sweetpeas

This week has been crazy!

I've got some lovely clients who are based overseas and were back in Australia for 1 week so we selected the venue and vendors in a matter of days. This was important for me to do as I wanted to ensure they were comfortable with the people who would be involved behind the scenes of their wedding. We've been all over Brisbane visiting various venues and suppliers and have as a result put lots of miles on the car.

It was a welcome change though as previously we had only had email correspondence. I'm certainly feeling much more confident now that we've met face to face and am sure it's going to end up being an absolutely gorgeous wedding inspired by several vintage elements.

On the business side of things, last weekend and some evenings this week were spent roping family members into painting and decorating my new office. It's not quite finished but we're definitely getting close. We've painted the walls and floor, put some rugs down and I've even put together my first Ikea desk...quite a feat for me! I'll be sure to post some photos once the flowers and coffee table go in.

On top of this I've also been sorting everything out of the launch of this business. I've booked the perfect venue, am about to have the invitations printed and am finalising the details of the gorgeous media packages I'm sending out. The launch is set for later this month so is fast approaching and I am now both nervous and excited. I'll also be sure to keep you up to date with this and will post some photos of the evening.

Speak soon

Victoria x